We are committed to the success of our clients, and deliver innovative solutions that solve management, technology, and program challenges while providing low total cost of ownership solutions so our clients can re-direct their precious resources to protecting human health and the environment. 

    We start by understanding our customers’ business objectives and don’t stop until they get maximum value. We identify our client’s needs and provide solutions that meet new challenges with confidence and agility.  


             Application Development












    Much of what  produces are applications for our clients. These applications often encompass geospatial interfaces, so we are often seen as being solely a mapping company. However, the map often is the final result of business analysis and requirements gathering, geodatabase development and analysis of analytical workflows, all culminating in an application that distills the complexity into something that is intuitive: A map as the entry point to robust analysis

          Geodatabase Development







    We deliver geodatabase and database solutions across a diverse range of advanced data sets of varying sizes for our clients. We have developed many back end analytic solutions for data entry, analysis, location and financial modelling, together with the front end applications to augment workflows and to present complex information in an intuitive manner.


         AGILE Project Management

We take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to each software development project:


- Discovery – What is driving the need for a solution? (evaluation of current business processes amd work practices). Client requirements gathering meetings. We pride ourselves on listening very carefully to our clients technology needs first and foremost.


- Interface Prototyping – Presenting ‘proof of concept’ prototypes of the potential solution(s) to the client. Close collaboration follows where together we finalise the solution from a visual and design perspective.


- Agile specification – Conception and agreement of all core deliverables in the form of ‘user stories’ and all or any required outputs.


- Planning – Drafting of technical specification and project plan – Agreement on time lines of project and each core deliverable.


- Development – Execution of the development plan following sign off of the technical specification.

For each milestone…


- Phased Iterative / Milestone delivery – Delivery of project components/modules for Beta testing.


- Beta review – Addressing all or any issues/changes to scope based on beta testing results.


- UAT review – User acceptance testing (Signing off on all core agreed deliverables)


- Installation / Integration and training – Delivery of final solution + user documentation.


- Post-project – Aftercare & Maintenance


    We utilize an iterative Agile development methodology offering our clients the highest level of engagement and control in the conception and formation of the software solution. Agile ensures a robust requirements specifications along with rapid application development, allowing us to reach the end product in the most efficient and unambiguous way possible. Beyond project completion, aftercare and ongoing support are a crucial aspect of the service we provide. Ongoing monitoring, feedback and indirect support of end users are all elements of this, delivered in a responsive way to our clients.


        ArcGIS and Systems Integration

ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Server in particular, lends itself to integration with other business systems. Whether this happens at the database level or through APIs, geospatially enabling many business systems is not only relatively simple,  but absolutely vital to many businesses.


          Map Centered Design and Experience










Beautiful. Responsive. Intuitive.


    Geoved GIS utilizes beauty and function in every project it undertakes. The best practice is to clearly identify all the needs of the client and understand the workflow before beginning the work of how it looks. For us, design is considered as an element of usability and function at the very start of the project.

This intuitive user experience means you don’t need to read a manual; you don’t need to be specialized or have advanced knowledge to use the tools GeoVed GIS creates. We design our user interface to be something with which you are innately familiar. In most cases, GeoVed GIS utilizes existing design concepts to allow for instant recognition of known users on a new application. This makes the transition from old to new smoother, and less time is spent in re-training. Our process is anticipatory and participatory and uses intuitive design concepts that emphasize user friendly application. For instance, we keep a mobile responsive framework in mind throughout the design process so that there is often no need for a separate mobile application to be designed.

Maps are a lens that offer optimal user experience for data that has a location-based element. Our goal when creating these tools is to provide clear analysis at your fingertips.

Our Capabilities and our Work