Our Clients

    We develop partnerships, not projects.

GeoVed is proud to serve both Federal and State organizations.  

We provide solutions as a subcontractor for Federal, State ,Local
Government agencies and Private Companies. Our dedication

to client satisfaction and successful history of on-time, on-budget

delivery has resulted in enduring, decades-long relationships.

Federal – Federal departments and agencies are undergoing

significant transformation activities in response to changes in the

national and international environment. Across all federal agencies,

the imperatives of increased stewardship of resources, streamlined

program management, improved planning and budgeting, and

enhanced responsiveness to citizens are causing agencies to

rethink and re-engineer many functions.

    GeoVed builds and delivers tailored, integrated solutions that support the responsibilities and mission-critical systems of our federal clients.  To ensure you receive timely and comprehensive service, we assemble a team to collaborate with you to rapidly deliver quality functional and technical advice that is grounded in experience and enhanced by strategic and innovative thinking.

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