GeoVed expertise in analytical techniques and data standards, We ensures that our clients get the full value of their geospatial data and maximize opportunities for data sharing within stakeholder communities.

Our approach to managing complex GIS projects involves a highly engage, iterative process of understanding business needs, ideation and design, and solution development. We design projects to deliver value throughout the project lifecycle so that our client stakeholders can evaluate and participate in defining the solution as it is being developed to ensure it will need their business needs. We apply best practices from project management and  software development combined with the physical and natural sciences to deliver robust enterprise level solutions.

Geospatial Services & Solutions

Geospatial Enterprise and Web GIS


    An enterprise GIS provides broad access to geospatial data and

applications throughout the organization. The combination of

geospatial enterprise technology and Web GIS provides applications

and tools to end users for analysis and visualization. Organizations
can use dynamic geospatial data within custom enterprise solutions
to better collaborate, communicate,and solve their unique problems.

Web GIS platforms are ideal decision-making tools within an

organization because they enable employees, stakeholders and

subject matter experts. Whether in the office or out in the field

enterprise technology allows your organization to access, edit, and

share relevant and timely data, maps, applications, and workflows.

    Our team plans, designs, and implements GIS solutions throughout

entire organizations. We pride ourselves in our creative, and original

uses of GIS across all departments. GeoVed enables users to take

control of their GIS data for a true enterprise solution.

  • Strategic Planning, Needs Assessment, Requirements Gathering,
    Process / Workflow Documentation, Best Practices Adoption, and
    Solution Implementation / Integration

  • Cloud Solutions and Service Oriented Architecture

  • Security Planning and Review

  • Change Control and Content Management

  • Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness

  • Hardware / Software Standard Configuration

  • Geospatial Policy and Standards Development

  • Installation, Licensing, and Debugging

  • ArcGIS Desktop Training

  • ArcGIS Server Training

  • Geospatial Metadata Training

  • GIS Helpdesk Support (documentation, SOP development, job aides, ticketing systems, tiered response, etc.


Platform Architecture and Strategy

    Geospatial Enterprise and Web GIS enable organizations to provide broad access to authoritative GIS data. We committed to developing GIS professionals that exceed the requirements of implementing this evolving technology; and focus on innovation in GIS design and incorporating related technologies.

  • Enterprise: ArcGIS Enterprise (ArcGIS Server + Server Extensions, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Data Store, ArcGIS Web Adaptor)

  • Web GIS: Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online (Web AppBuilder, Story Maps, Mobile GIS, 3D Web Scenes)​

  • Geospatial Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostGRESQL, MySQL​

  • Geospatial Development: JavaScript, Java, Leaflet, .Net, MVC, AngularJS, iOS and Android, and a long list of SDKs and APIs.