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Who We Are

Geoved makes the digital and physical worlds come together through technology driven solutions

GeoVed LLC founded in 2007 offering solutions in GIS (Geographical Information System), that is, a desktop application designed for capturing, storing, handling, analyzing and deploying any kind of referenced geographic information in order to solve complex management and planning problems. Company is known for having a user-friendly interface, being able to access the most common formats, both vector and raster ones. It features a wide range of tools for working with geographic-like information (query tools, layout creation, Geoprocessing, networks, etc.)

Needs We serve

Businesses, governments and development agencies are increasingly facing complex challenges that necessitate convergence between physical and digital worlds

How do we do it

We integrate digital technologies, transform and manage spatial and non-spatial data, model physical resources and phenomenon, design and engineer networks, develop analytics to solve real world problems

How are we different

We deliver value by tapping into knowledge and expertise across the world, being flexible to partner with clients, scaling up to meet tight deadlines and developing innovations that transcend solutions & processes


Check our Values


Cunduct all our business in a transport, ethical and fair manner in compliance with laws of all the countries that we operate in


Ensure respect and dignity for individuals by providing everyone an equal opportunity to grow without any discrimination or bias


Nurture and celebrate both enterpreneurship and innovation

Result Driven

Always meet our commitment to all stakeholders - employees, clients, and partners


Good is not enough. Always try to do better


Treat others like you would like to be treated by others

Customer Focus

Step into client's shoes to better understand their perspective and ensure client delight


Find Out More About Us

GeoVed is a small business SWAM certified woman and minority-owned consulting firm, committed to the success of our clients

Geospatial technologies provide an efficient way to visualize data and leads to more insightful, informed decision making. As a team, we design and develop cutting-edge web applications that make geographic information accessible, informative, and engaging.

We take pride in designing and implementing solutions utilizing industry leading IT architecture and software practices. We specializes in GIS, Data Visualization, ESRI, Oracle BI, FME (Feature Manipulation Engine), Cloud (Azure/AWS) Migration.

We offer quality geo-information services and allied technology products using our experienced specialists to the corporate, government agencies, private businesses and NGOs for sustainable development and management of resources in an economical way to our clients. The main geo-information technologies promoted by the Geoved include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Global Positioning System (GPS, Database Development Systems (DBDS), Information Technology and geo information capacity building.

We also vigorously involved in application development for solving problems related to information communication technology, utility and facility management strategies, resource management, training of professionals and decision makers on the use of geo-information.


Our Hardworking Team

We value our talented staff, embracing their expertise within a family-like atmosphere