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GIS Mapping Services

Geoved LLC being a GIS Mapping company gathers, organizes and analyses data whether it be spatial or non-spatial. The GIS Mapping services provided by us give important inputs for the purpose of unlocking new insights on information like resource location, demographic behaviour, consumer trends etc. about any place.

GIS Mapping services uses CAD, GIS and GPS services for the purpose of gathering and analysing data from resources like land surveys, aerial pictures, etc. The collected data after being organized in 2D or 3D forms is then presented in dynamic maps.

The GIS Mapping services help a lot in knowing about property, location or an asset with the help of dynamic data that are geographically arranged. And we being a GIS Mapping Company help many organizations and firms, government departments, geologists, environmentalists etc. for a better tomorrow.

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Types of Mapping Services Includes

Cadastral Mapping

Cadastral mapping is a record for the details related to the properties in an area. The maps are prepared using cadastral mapping services which helps in easy management of public land records. National and local governmental bodies, real estate developers, architecture, engineering firms, and industries make a proactive use of the cadastral mapping services for making better decisions.

Topographical Mapping

Topographical mapping enables industries when it comes to selection of the smartest route from one place to another. In Topographical mapping we map terrain with contour lines to understand an area's elevation in a better way. Topographic maps are used for energy exploration, natural resource conservation, public works design, environmental management, commercial as well as residential planning, etc.

Parcel Mapping

Parcel mapping is the method in which land parcels are prepared using GIS mapping for effective and precise land management. Parcel mapping has a variety of implementations over various industries like land administration & land registration by urban and rural governing agencies. Municipality planning & urban development. The land parcels are the very fundamental data layers used as referenced.

Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping makes it easier for industries to navigate through from one point to another within a building premise. Indoor mapping saves the user from being lost and clueless in a huge and complex building premise. Geoved does multidimensional digital maps by overlaying multiple data layers to create scalable, location-aware applications with the creation of loT-enabled smart buildings.

Utility Mapping

Utility industries have extensive uses of geographic information systems i.e GIS for remote sensing utility mapping services, and computer-aided design which we often know as CAD and drafting technologies for cost-effective functioning. Geoved has expertise of years in providing tailored and efficient GIS services for all utility sectors like electrical, water, gas, sewage & telecom

Geological Mapping

Based on the integrated analysis with satellite data, geo-chemical data, and geophysical data, geological mapping delivers early information related to bedrock geology, helping the geologists during the planning before field works. Geoved has huge expertise in providing GIS services in mining sectors and for companies and sectors who are into excavation and mineral management.


LULC abbreviation for Land Use Land Cover mapping is a part of GIS mapping and which enables experts and professionals by providing them area information for understanding the current landscape. Annual LULC information on national spatial databases enables easy monitoring of temporal dynamics areas such as the agricultural ecosystems, forest conversions, surface water bodies, etc.

Base Map

This is the graphical representation with a specified scaling for the selected fundamental map information and upon which other additional mapping data of a specialized nature can be compiled. Base mapping finds its usefulness in infrastructure, land base, utility networks, property details etc. creating intelligent GIS maps. Polosoft's systematic approach in base mapping ensures accuracy.

Geo Database

The geodatabase is the native data structure for GIS mapping and is considered the primary data format for editing and data management. Polosoft works with geographic information in numerous GIS file formats, designed to work with and leverage the capabilities of the geodatabase. Geodatabase is a designed database for storing, querying, and manipulation of GIS and spatial data.

Geo Referencing

Georeferencing refers to the internal coordinate system of a digital map or aerial photo which are/can be related to a ground system of geographic coordinates. Georeferencing is considered a process of assigning locations to geographical objects within a particular geographic frame of reference. It is fundamental to geospatial technologies, i.e GIS in particular.

Map Digitization

Map digitization is representing an analogue signal or an image using a discrete set of its points. The data after being converted is in the form binary codes which are directly interpreted by the computer. The data converted can be a text, an image, audio or a video. The x, y coordinates are recorded and stored as the spatial data.

Data Conversion

GIS data conversion is defined as conversion of inferred data from one format to another. With a large amount of GIS data retrieved data conversion is rather easier than recreating the whole data. It is a critical process in the migration of information from existing databases, referring to the alteration and transfer of data between different systems.

Benefits of Mapping Services

Dynamic Maps

As a GIS mapping company, we gather, organize, and analyze spatial and nonspatial data of a particular geographic location and present them in the form of dynamic maps.

Spatial Data Analysis

GIS mapping services make use of computer aided design (CAD), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and GIS systems and analyze data from land surveys, aerial and satellite pictures as well.

Decision by consensus

GIS Mapping has led to better decision making and enhanced businessmen's capabilities to make better decisions about the locations of places for their target audience.

Data Accuracy

GIS mapping allows the opportunity to implement an effective workflow for data gathering management, production and delivery with higher level of accuracy.

Geoved team provides you with quality services with complete cadastral mapping, topographical mapping, parcel mapping, indoor mapping, utility mapping, geological mapping.

We make sure that the geospatial data maps supplied to our clients can be utilized in the most effective way. Every GIS project that we get, we implement ongoing data quality control to ensure that coordinate databases, foreign source data, such as geological and topographical maps, GIS data attributes create a truly seamless GIS mapping environment.

Mission & CoreValues