Consulting Services
Application Development
  • Assist with the development of GIS based applications

  • Evaluate existing applications and suggest fine tuning and customization

  • Configures ArcGIS Server and Map Services for large number of user

  • ArcGIS Online/ Portal installation/configuration and setup 

  • Analyze client’s project and suggest best technology options

  • Assess training needs

  • Customize and deliver on-site training

  • Develop and deliver ‘awareness’ presentations on latest GIS technology 

Web, desktop and mobile GIS applications based on:


  • ESRI API, Python, Model Builder, ArcObjects

  • iOS development using ArcGIS

  • Open Layers, GeoServer

  • Google Map API

  • Modern and efficient GIS web application development using JavaScript, Jquery, Node JS

Data Conversion

Large scale data Migration and Conversion:


  • Safe Software's FME

  • ESRI's Model Builder and ArcPy

  • Big Data Solr, Hadoop 

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