GIS Solutions & Services
Consulting Services
  • Esri Full-Suite GIS Products Support

  • Assist with the development of GIS based applications

  • Evaluate existing applications and suggest fine tuning and customization

  • Configures ArcGIS Server and Map Services for large number of user

  • ArcGIS Online/ Portal installation/configuration and setup 

  • Analyze client’s project and suggest best technology options

  • Assess training needs

  • Customize and deliver on-site training

  • Develop and deliver ‘awareness’ presentations on latest GIS technology

  • Systems, Infrastructure and Networking Architecture Design, Installation & Maintenance 

Application Development

Web, desktop and mobile GIS applications based on:


  • ESRI API, Python, Model Builder, ArcObjects

  • iOS development using ArcGIS

  • Open Layers, GeoServer

  • Google Map API

  • Modern and efficient GIS web application development using JavaScript, Jquery, Node JS

Data Conversion

Large scale data Migration and Conversion:

  • Safe Software's FME

  • ESRI's Model Builder and ArcPy

  • Big Data Solr, Hadoop 


    Most GIS vendors have the ability to do some integration, but we recognize when and how to integrate multiple products in highly secure environments with little to no impact to the end-user community.


    GeoVed has experience integrating Adobe Experience Manager Content Management Systems with an embedded custom dynamic mapping application developed using the Esri Web Application Developer for ArcGIS Online/Portal with data hosted on Esri ArcGIS Online.


            Integration Services

  • Extensive experience with integrating Esri products & applications with third-party COTS and GOTS

  • Non-Esri APIs: Google, JavaScript, Python OpenLayers, Bing, .Net

  • Authentication: SAML, OAuth 2.0, Thinktecture

  • Search: GeoPortal 1.2.6, Voyager

  • CMS: Drupal, Adobe CQ5/Adobe Experience Manager


            Esri Business Partner

                   We are a silver tier business partner with Esri and winner of the Federal Small                           Business Specialty (FSBS) New Partner Award.